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The Residency by Investment Programme continues to gain increased momentum and international reputation. The team at MRVA is responsible for managing, as well as for promoting the Programme. All applications are rigorously scrutinised through a four tier due diligence process. We have remained consistent in our efforts to attract Quality people through RBI. Located at the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, the islands of Malta or Gozo are a great place for a second permanent residency.


Key Benefits

1. Very low administration fees

2. Access to the Schengen Zone

for main applicant and dependants

3. Moderate cost of Living

4. Open up to 4 generations

per application.

Beautiful Islands Of Malta & Gozo

Malta is an archipelago in the centre of the Mediterranean filled with great history and culture and traditions, accompanied by a warm hospitality. Malta recognizes two official languages: Maltese and English.

Malta is a cosmopolitan country which accepts diversity and multiculturalism, while also having a very high standard of civil rights. Malta is geared towards the future, by providing ample business opportunities. Businesses can be started from the ground up or moved to Malta.


Education and Health Care

A high level of education is provided in Malta, with access to a number of renowned English language schools and Universities. Such institutes follow the British Curriculum.

Health Care in Malta is ranked amongst the best five in the world. The use of modern equipment and technologies in this field attracts a vast number of medical tourism


Economy & Business Opportunities

Malta has a diversified economy, this is made up of many sectors such as Gaming, Financial, Pharmaceutical and Manufacturing.

Malta has registered the largest GDP growth over the past 4 years, with the GDP growth being 6.4%

Prospective business owners face light bureaucracy when setting up and opening a new business in Malta. All legislations are in English, which aides prospective business owners.

Malta’s unemployment rates are one of the lowest in Europe, decreasing year by year. Employees in Malta are found to be skilled and cost effective for their labour.


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